The studio

Think you know what recording studio’s are like? Think again.

Set in a converted warehouse on Liverpool’s Lark Lane, The Motor Museum is a truly unique recording studio.

Inspired by Greek and Italian architecture, it’s Mediterranean styling give it a relaxed and creative atmosphere. Palm trees thrive in the natural day light, and it’s location puts a myriad of bars, restaurants and the beautiful Sefton Park right on the studio’s doorstep.

A good sound begins in the room, and The Motor Museum is well equipped with four of them. A spacious and day lit control room feature a vintage Neve console, stacks of rare and fantastic outboard, and gold-standard monitoring. A bright, airy live room is home to a selection of organs, tube guitar amps, an upright piano and a Fender Rhodes. An amp booth compliments the studio’s strength as a fantastic band recording facility.

Through a set of sliding glass doors lies The Motor Museum’s most recognisable recording space; the stone room. Clad entirely in stone blocks, it’s explosive character can be heard on the drum sounds to Oasis’ ‘Supersonic’, Jake Bugg’s ‘Lightening Bolt’, and The 1975’s ‘The City’.

Completing the layout is a dry sounding booth, known as ‘the fifty pence’ due to it’s seven sided shape. This room is a firm favourite for tight, intimate sounding drums and it’s brightness can be adjusted with curtains that surround the room. A door leads out directly onto the pool table, for a quick escape from long sessions!

The design of The Motor Museum gives it an endless sonic palette. From intimate to explosive, there is a room to suit. It’s also got the backline to match; vintage drums from Ludwig and Premier, a collection of synth modules including original Roland TR-808 and Moog Minimoog, and a cupboard full of guitar amps make The Motor Museum a wonderfully creative recording studio.