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Liverpool’s most iconic recording studio. Home of producer Al Groves. Welcome to The Motor Museum.

We believe a recording studio is more than just an equipment list. It’s about the relationship between artist, producer and building, and knowing how to get the best out of them. We offer a hands-on approach to working with artists, marrying production, recording and mixing into a bespoke service tailored to each client, all set in the beautiful surroundings of Lark Lane.

Hit records? Check. Racks full of fancy gear? Got it. Spinny leather chairs? Err, yep. But then, so have a lot of other studios.

At The Motor Museum, we live by a set of rules that are the cornerstone of our work ethic. You could call it a manifesto, but we just think of it as loving what we do. We’ve taken one magical studio, mixed in a breakthrough producer, and tied it all together with a legendary bohemian location. Our customers love the results, and we think you will too.

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